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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


Kurt smiled and said, “That’ll do, babe; that’ll do.” He giggle quietly at his own movie reference, not sure if Puck had ever seenBabe. Instead of asking, he kissed him softly but shorter than Puck’s kiss had been.

Kurt nodded, still grinning. “I could definitely help with that—it can’t be as expensive as rent in my place plus utilities.” It took all of his strength of will to not throw himself at Puck and attack him with a hug and kisses and anything he wanted. There was no need to be completely lame and cheesy about it; they could save that for christening their place once they were back in the city.

“I know,” Kurt sighed and he laughed at Puck’s facial expression, “Agreed. Lovers works for teenagers in the olden days; now it just sounds horrible.” He laughed again and proposed, “How about bedmate? Doesn’t that get the point across in a way?” At the mention of a car, Kurt perked his head back up. “If you need help, I have years of experience. I’m not as good as my dad, but I’m not too shabby.” Kurt grinned again and added, “If I’m living with you I want to make sure we can get in that car and drive it safely, after all.”

Kurt tried to explain to Puck why he needed to say, but Puck kept on talking. When Puck was fully dressed and about to leave, Kurt finally talked, getting himself dressed as well. “But how am I supposed to call you? I don’t know your number; I just know where you live and work. And you know my dad will think you’re being a coward and you don’t really care if you just leave to avoid facing him!”

As he finished adjusting his scarf in his full length mirror, he turned to Puck, “Plus I drove you here. How are you getting home?”

Kurt bit his lip and went back to looking in the mirror as he thought. He could convince his dad if he was calmer and then bring Puck in after for the final convincing that it was serious. In fact, maybe it really would work better than having Puck there at the get go.

Kurt turned back to Puck and admitted, “Fine. Maybe you’re right. But you’ll have to talk to him at some point, even just to tell him where the place is. So I’ll call you over when it’s safe if you give me a number—and I swear to god if you run away from me again…” He shook his head and grabbed Puck’s hands, “I’ll see you soon. I love you. Je t’aime.”

Puck quirked an eyebrow, but smiled anyway. He loved to hear Kurt giggling like that, he had missed it a lot.

"Sounds like the Spice Girls to me," Puck said, and pretended to shiver in horror. He chuckled with Kurt. "Bedmate sounds kinky. I kinda like it." He grinned and kissed Kurt’s cheek. He nodded with Kurt’s offer. "Sounds like a plan. I don’t know much about mechanics anyway, so I’d probably make it worse than it is. Sarah’s gonna hate me for taking the truck, but I don’t wanna go back to not having a car." Puck smiled back at Kurt, "If you’re living with me, the least of your preoccupations has to be a car. You’re not leaving the room, like… ever," he teased poking his side.

Puck rolled his eyes and was about to tell Kurt he’d call him, since he already knew Kurt’s number by heart, but then he heard Kurt call him a coward. Puck turned around and quirked an eyebrow. “Hey, I’m not a coward! Your dad wanted to kill me even before we broke up, what am I supposed to do now? I mean, c’mon, it’s not like he’s gonna sit down and listen to my reasons or something like that, he’ll get the shotgun.” He looked at Kurt as he fixed his scarf and turned around. “I can walk, it’s not like I’m gonna freeze out there,” he said sarcastically.

He observed Kurt but stayed silent. He knew Kurt was thinking about the possibilities. And yeah, maybe he was a bit scared of what Burt could do to him, but he still was right. If, as Kurt seemed to think, Burt was so alike to Puck, he’d hit and then ask questions. And Puck didn’t have a gun like Burt did, it was kind of unfair.

"Okay, I’ll talk to him," Puck said just as Kurt said he was right, and Puck heard him before he talked again. "I won’t, okay?" Puck said as he hugged Kurt and kissed the corner of his mouth. "And I’ll talk to your dad. But I need a shower. Let’s go back to my place so I can shower and change into something more… well, actually, less me. And then we’ll come back and talk to your dad and all that crap." Puck rolled his eyes jokingly, but kissed Kurt’s lips softly. "I can’t talk to your dad when I stink like sex like this. He’s gonna notice and I’m gonna die sooner than I want to."

Puck grinned as he kissed Kurt’s cheek. “Yeah, I je time you too.”

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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


Kurt kept smiling, feeling his lips twitching up even more as Puck kissed his nose, just like the old times. “I guess I can live without you making a cheesy declaration of your love for me,” Kurt said, pressing his nose lightly against Puck’s cheek.

“I’d love to have you cook for me and to wake up in your arms and live with you, so I guess that’s I win for both of us,” Kurt said thoughtfully, feeling his forehead relax as Puck pushed his hair back. “I mean, that sounds like rent, but it’s paid off now, then?” It seemed too unreal, to absolutely perfect that the man he was in love with had the most beautiful apartment in the city that he owned and was willing to let him live there with him as boyfriends. That was as close to perfect as possible.

His whole face was lit up with a smile as Puck pulled him back down, his lips barely obeying to form a slight pucker to kiss Puck back. He laughed quietly at Puck’s choice of words and said, “I’m not sure I like that term. But I guess it’s better than introducing you as my lover; boyfriend might be the best bet.” Kurt smiled put his forehead against Puck’s chest, finding himself laughing slightly in disbelief. “I didn’t expect to spend my first few days of school moving into a new place, but I can’t wait.”

Letting his hands run over Puck’s arms, he let himself admit the part of him that was still nagging at the back of his brain. “The first task, though,” Kurt said in a soft, calm voice, “is to get dressed, wait for my parents, and convince my dad that it’s a good idea.” He looked into Puck’s eyes and said, “I can’t afford to live there without his money and if he let’s Finn with his girlfriend, he shouldn’t exclude me from that right, right?” Kurt pulled away and sat up, doing his best to be confident about it, “He’ll be back soon and I need to make sure my scarf covers all of the marks you just made on it, babe.”

"How’s this for a cheesy declaration of my love for you?" Puck said, and pulled Kurt into a soft, sweet kiss, letting his tongue roll against his carefully. He’d always been better with actions than words anyway.

Puck shrugged. “Not rent, more like… paying for the light and the cleaning of the building, and things like that? I think that was it…” He saw Kurt’s smile and smiled back, just ‘cause he loves seeing Kurt so happy. It was king of awesome to think he was the one who was putting that grin on Kurt’s face.

He chuckled with Kurt as he kept his tightly wrapped in his arms. “Boyfriend doesn’t sound serious enough…” Puck said looking back at Kurt. “And Lover is just… eugh,” Puck scrunched his nose, “It sucks.” he laughed. Puck thought about it for a few seconds. “Maybe I should call you my roommate or something,” he teased. He caressed Kurt’s head as he rested his forehead against his chest. “Yeah, I know. I was supposed to be looking for a new apartment either here or in Columbia, not going back to NY. Geez, I’ll need to fix my car,” Puck groaned.

Puck looked back at him and quirked an eyebrow at Kurt. “Your dad’s never gonna think it’s a good idea, Kurt. He found out we were dating like a month ago and then we broke up. I’m one hundred percent sure he hates my guts and wants to cut me open. And, no, I’m not staying until your dad comes home again, okay? I don’t need to get shot, thank you very much,” he said as he shook his head and sat up. “I love you, but I can’t love you if I’m dead. And as soon as your dad sees me, he’s gonna wanna kill me, and if we want to live together I need to be alive.”

He kissed Kurt’s forehead and got dressed. “Call me when it’s safe to come back, okay? I need to go check on Sarah and mom, anyway.” He leaned over Kurt and kissed his lips, “I’ll see you later?”

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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


“I definitely won’t,” Kurt agreed quietly. The warmth of Puck’s body pressed against his made Kurt relax even more and feel, as cheesy as it sounded, even more loved than Puck’s words. He felt truly loved and accepted, embraced (obviously). He never wanted to be out of Puck’s arms, although he knew he’d have to leave at some point or another. At least he knew Puck would be with him, now. At least in a relationship; New York was another matter.

Kurt bit his lip as he waited for an answer. The silence was so long he considered asking again to make sure that Puck hadn’t fallen asleep, but, thankfully, finally, Puck sighed and opened his eyes. Kurt thought his heart was going to break again when Puck said he didn’t want to go to New York, but then he clarified that he meant he didn’t want to be in the city, but he wanted to be with Kurt. Though he wasn’t sure how Puck couldn’t like living in the best city on the Earth that was literally the best thing to ever happen to Kurt besides Puck reentering his life—which happened in that city. But, whatever, to each his own. Kurt couldn’t stop himself from beaming, actually feeling his whole face lighting up, and he said, “I like it when you’re cheesy, though…and you know I feel the exact same way.”

A future with Puck flashed before his eyes, like some weird premonition, almost like earlier that day when he was playing guitar with his sister. Puck would be great with kids and maybe if they lived in a suburb or just a calmer part of New York, Kurt could still easily work in the city and then come home to Puck and any kids in some beautiful house that had touches of both of them. A garden—he always wanted a garden—and some nice neighbors that they could befriend that weren’t the same friends he had since high school. It was over the top and ridiculous, but it sounded like a great place, even if it wasn’t a penthouse in the city.

Kurt was shaken out of his day dream and was about to ask Puck if that was a “yes” on moving back to the city when Puck asked that question. Kurt looked at him with wide eyes and pulled out of his arms. “Are you serious?” Kurt asked quietly to make sure. Then, since he realized that sounded like a “no”, he clarified, “I’d love to, of course, but I mean…are you sure? And I don’t know if I could afford rent there and still be able to buy food with my dad’s help, even if I added minimum wage from Starbucks—or do you own the place and not pay rent? Otherwise I don’t know how to pay and would you even be able to pay? I could help cover bills, but I wouldn’t want you to have to pay for everything and I don’t want you to have to take your old job…”

Kurt sat up and took a deep breath. “Yes, I want to live with you. I was just expecting you to move in with me. But if your apartment’s a real financial possibility, there’s no way I can say no; it’s close to campus and a million times nicer than mine. You know I can’t resist a place with a bath tub big enough for both of us and a walk-in closet.” And if Puck really did own it and wasn’t renting it, that meant his dad would have less to pay; electricity and such would never add as much as utilities plus rent on his old place. That could possibly help win his dad over.

Puck chuckled with Kurt’s giant smile and cupped his cheek with a hand. “Yeah, well I don’t like it when I’m cheesy. But I’m glad you feel the same.” He pecked Kurt’s lips, then kissed his nose. He loved how Kurt always made him feel he was being cared by someone, no matter what. And that he loved him even when he didn’t want to be cheesy or romantic. Kurt always accepted him just like he was, something not many had ever done in his life.

He kind of freaked out for a second when Kurt pulled away, and he realized what he had said. Maybe it had been too soon, too much? they had been together for maybe six months? And they had been apart for at least one… which meant it was probably too soon, too much. Puck sat up a little bit and was about to open his mouth to take it back and said it wasn’t necessary, that he just said that ‘cause it came to his mind, but Kurt didn’t have to do it, not if he didn’t want to. Though, sure, Puck would’ve loved to wake up next to Kurt every morning, come back home to find him naked on the couch, cook and eat and bath and everything with Kurt. But, if Kurt didn’t want to do it, he could always… settle for whatever Kurt wanted.

Luckily, Kurt kind of wanted to do it, too. And Puck bit down his lower lip to stop the grin that was coming to his mouth. “I’m sure I wanna be with you,” Puck shrugged. “I mean, I like sleeping with you, and waking up with you, I like bathing with you, I like cooking for you, and I just… like being with you, you know? I… don’t see how this is a bad idea, I guess?” Puck chuckled with Kurt’s worried expression and brushed his hair back. “There’s no rent, the place is actually mine. As in, I own it. I think I pay once a month something? Or maybe it’s once every two months? I don’t know, they take it out of my bank account automatically, so I have no idea. I had a lot of money…” Puck looked away and scratched his head. It was kind of embarrassing, since buying that apartment was something he had done just a few months after he got the job, just like buying the car. He suddenly saw himself with thousands of dollars he didn’t know how to spend, and he bought those. He didn’t regret it, but if he had known before his sister needed the money, he wouldn’t have done it.

Puck looked up when Kurt spoke again and smiled. “We wouldn’t fit in your apartment, babe,” he teased as he pulled Kurt by his hand so he would lay down again with him. He wrapped his arms around Kurt again and kissed his forehead. “I knew that walk-in closet would be of some use someday. Though I though I’d use it to hide drugs or something like that…” he chuckled. “So it’s settled. You’re moving in with me…” Puck savored the words in his mouth as he pecked Kurt’s lips. “Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Does this mean we’re, like… partners now?”

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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


“You’re the one who called me a princess; princesses complain,” Kurt said with a smirk. “And I can take my ass hurting, thank you very much.”

Kurt gasped into Puck’s mouth as he started mumbling by his lips. He’ have loved to have Puck there, protecting him even while he insisted he didn’t need it, how he’d take him whenever he needed it, how they’d both need each other, just like they needed each other now. They would be equals, it wouldn’t be like with Blaine when Blaine didn’t seem to want him until he was gone. They’d both need and want each other. It was all Kurt ever wanted. Kurt would’ve fought for him and he would’ve fought hard, just as hard as Puck would for him.

All too soon he was coming, his orgasm only intensified by feeling Puck come into him seconds later. His breath came out in little pants like he had just run a marathon and his skin was flushed from the heat running through him, but he knew all too soon he’d cool down, just like he always did. He tried to catch his breath before he responded to Puck, “I never knew how badly I needed you. I’m never letting you leave me again.”

He snuggled into Puck, not just for the body heat, and smiled. “We’ll just have to make up for lost time,” Kurt noted, closing his eyes as he wrapped his arms back around Puck, letting his legs tangling with his.

He laid there silently for a while, his mind slowly working up to its normal racing speed. Things that he knew he couldn’t put off came to mind and he had to speak. “Will you come back to New York with me?” Kurt asked quietly. He looked into Puck’s eyes and continued, “We can find you a job or get you into school or something. It’s a city of possibilities.” He could try to handle a long distance relationship again, but after he and Blaine failed at that, he didn’t trust it. And he needed to know where they stood before his parents came home and he had to talk to them about why Puck was there.

Puck rolled his eyes, “Yeah, but princesses have servants to listen to their whining. I’m not a servant, I don’t want to hear your whining!” He snorted. Kurt’s words made him grin. “Alrighty, then, let’s get this party started!”

He slid his hand down Kurt’s side, feeling his skin hot and sweaty, gripping his hips, afraid Kurt could vanish if he didn’t held hard enough. He shook his head and kissed Kurt’s chin. “Never let me leave you again.” Puck didn’t want to think how bad those past weeks had been without Kurt being there for him. Getting used to being alone again had been all too hard after Kurt, and thinking about losing him again was a nightmare. He pressed his body against Kurt and kissed his lips. “Ever.”

He smiled with Kurt’s words and responded with a kiss on his shoulder, too tired to even say a word. He was almost ready to take a nap when Kurt spoke again, and his voice was so soft Puck believed he was dreaming it. But he knew it was a real question that needed an answer.

Puck tried to ignore the question, but he believed ignoring Kurt’s questions about his mother had been more than enough for a day. He needed an answer, but he didn’t have one. Going back to New York wasn’t something Puck was looking forward to do. It had been nice living there, but Puck was sure a city  like New York was not the place for him. But he wanted to be with Kurt. He let out a long sigh and opened his eyes, kissing Kurt’s neck before looking into his eyes. “I don’t want to be in New York,” he said slowly, “But I want to be with you. And not just for, like… now. I kinda wanna be with you for a long time. And I’m gonna shut up now, ‘cause I don’t want to say anything stupid or extremely cheesy. I just came, everything is possible.”

But not talking about it didn’t mean he wasn’t picturing it. Living with Kurt somewhere nice, maybe somewhere near the sea. Having a nice home, and maybe a cat, or a dog, a garden, a big tree and all that crap, like in the movies. Somewhere where Kurt and him could be together, and grow up, and grow old. Some place he could call a home.

"I guess I need a new job now," Puck said with a shrug. "And I have to call the girl who was supposed to sell my apartment and tell her to call it off…" He looked back at Kurt and quirked an eyebrow. "You wanna move in with me?" he asked as if he was asking Kurt if he wanted to eat spaghetti that night.

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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


“I thought you were going to be slow my first time,” Kurt teased yet again with innocent facial features. His voice turned into a soft groan from Puck’s hips against his, his lips forming back into a smirk at Puck’s words. “I won’t argue that.”

At Puck’s virgin comment, Kurt rolled his eyes and growled. “Shut the fuck up and fuck meah—” His words were cut off as Puck started thrusting faster, just how he wanted it, right against that amazing spot, and he suddenly didn’t care about what he was complaining about before. Puck gripped his hips and thrusted in and out like his life depended on it, and Kurt was pretty sure if he stopped his life would probably be near the ending point.

Kurt whimpered as Puck started whispering back to him. He could easily imagine himself in high school, going through life innocently until Puck made him his. He’d do his best to pretend like he didn’t enjoy it enough to call back for him, but he’d get hard at every little movement Puck made in the hall and writhe in jealousy if he tried to go after anyone else. Eventually he’d lose all of his pride and beg and beg for Puck to fuck him again and Puck would oblige, wearing him out and making him pass out from coming so much, slowly building up his stamina and improving his technique.

“I’d need you in me everyday,” Kurt panted, “Fingers if you wanted to get me off quick. I’d get on my knees for you in the janitor’s closet, beg for your cock before glee club, tease you all day with the tightest jeans and my kilt. Do my best to make you want me as bad as I’d want you.” He gripped the back of Puck’s mohawk and brought his lips towards his, “I’d need you to need me.” Pressing his lips together, Kurt felt himself all too close to coming, getting closer to the edge as he realized he was coming all over the sheets he used to fantasize kissing Blaine on as he would fall asleep, coming from Puck’s cock while Blaine was nowhere near. Kurt pulled away with a gasp and moaned, “So close.”

"If it’s fast, because it’s too fast; if it’s slow, because it’s too slow; if it’s good, because it’s too good; do you ever stop complaining, Hummel? I mean, if half an hour from now you’re gonna start complaining about how bad your ass hurts, this is not gonna work out." Puck chuckled.

As Kurt begun whining and talking, Puck couldn’t get the images out of his head. He remembered Kurt, and his tight jeans, and the way his eyes always seemed to look right past him. He wanted to know how would have felt if instead of glaring at him from across the hall, Kurt had stared at him with hungry eyes, lips parted and his books over his crotch so no one but Puck could notice what was going on. How he’d make him skip classes so he could take him in the janitor’s closet, in an empty classroom, under the bleachers.

When Kurt pulled him forwards and kissed him, Puck groaned softly into his mouth. “I’d want you… so bad… I’d do whatever you asked me to, and I wouldn’t let anyone come close to you.” Puck knew he wasn’t lying when he said that. He was the kind of guy who tried to stay away and not get attached, but somehow he always ended up falling for the wrong person. He would’ve fallen for Kurt just as hard as he had fallen this time, and maybe even worse. “I would… I..” Puck groaned and kissed Kurt again, thrusting harder.

It wasn’t long before he was feeling himself coming inside Kurt, just a second behind him. Puck felt everything around him vanishing, but he could still feel Kurt between his arms, and his lips against his mouth. He was gasping, but still kissed Kurt’s lips, and brushed his bangs off his forehead. “I do need you. I’ve always needed you.” he whispered kissing his cheek.

Puck pulled away and rolled to the side, wrapping Kurt in his arms as his breathing went back to normal. “I wish I could turn back time…” he said in a soft whisper. Puck closed his eyes and relaxed with his forehead pressed to Kurt’s shoulder.

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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


“Then I guess I should understand in a few minutes,” Kurt commented with a breathless excitement. He groaned at the feel of Puck’s hand grasping him and rolled up into the contact. It was simply not fair, looking at him and touching him like that.

Kurt pouted and looked at Puck with wide, “innocent” eyes. “What do you mean in character? I was just taking your suggestions.” He slowly formed his lips into a smirk as Puck kissed his neck, loving having some bit of control over him.It’s all about the teasing and not about the pleasing. Who knew he’d learn anything of value from the Cheerios? “You love it.”

Kurt grunted as his hips moved forward without him meaning to. Every time he teased Noah, Noah just did it back even worse, like denying him cock. So cruel. His teasing was nothing compared to his. But, finally, he got to feel him easily slide inside of him and if only it really felt that good his first time; life would’ve been much better.

“That’s not what I had in mind,” Kurt said, knowing, as fun as it was, that their game was over. “No—no, no, no,” he chanted as Puck slowed down his thrusts, tightening around him to get him to move faster. Puck knew very well that Kurt couldn’t think straight (ha) with a dick inside of him, it wasn’t fair to torture him like that. “If I say take me, I meantake me,” Kurt huffed, right before Puck talked again. He started rolling his hips faster, giving Kurt no time to think in between thrusts, just the way he liked it. Kurt let out a moan of pleasure and started meeting Puck’s thrusts as best as he could, his body heating up as he remembered that they were on his high school bed; role play or not, it was still dirty to be breaking so many rules at once.

“You’re so big,” Kurt shot back, anchoring his ankles around Puck’s back, his hands going to Puck’s back. His nails scratched against Puck’s skin without him even thinking about it, not enough to draw blood but enough that Puck had to feel something. “Wish this was the first time,” Kurt moaned into Puck’s ear, “This would’ve been perfect…so fucking perfect, better than my real first. Fuck, why was I such a prude again?” He groaned at a particularly well-aimed thrust and let his head fall back, his already well-bitten neck exposed.

Puck grinned, “Oh, you will…” He chuckled with Kurt’s groan. “I’ll teach you good, I promise.”

He glared jokingly at Kurt and smirked, “You should stop taking my suggestions and start taking my dick,” he said as he rolled his hips against Kurt’s. He let out a soft chuckle with Kurt’s comment. “I do,” he nodded kissing his lips, “But not as much as you do.”

Puck quirked an eyebrow and looked at Kurt for a second, “What, you didn’t want me? It’s okay, I could always, like… leave…” he smirked pulling out completely. He laughed when Kurt protested, and slid back inside him. As he tried to slow down, Kurt squeezed around him, and Puck let out a breathless chuckle. “For a virgin, you’re really fucking talented, Hummel,” And then he begun moving faster, like he knew Kurt wanted him to.

As Kurt started meeting his thrusts, Puck didn’t tease and did as Kurt silently asked him to. He moved faster, thrusting harder and gripping Kurt’s hips like his life depended on it. He couldn’t stop his mind wandering how it would’ve been if he had been Kurt’s actual first, if only he had stopped for a second while he was in high school to look at the guy behind the ice queen. He didn’t know if they would’ve been good back then, he couldn’t be certain of it, but just imagining how good it would’ve felt Kurt the first time made him shiver in pleasure.

As Kurt’s nails scratched his back, Puck groaned and pressed his forehead to Kurt’s shoulder. The pain turned into jolts of pleasure going directly to his dick, and made him move faster. Puck almost missed Kurt’s words when he begun talking, too focused in how hot Kurt felt from the inside, how he gasped when Puck’s dick rubbed against his prostate, how he moaned into his ear. He nodded, his eyes still closed. “Wish I had your tight little ass first, too,” he said in a low, hoarse voice. “You would’ve dreamed of me for weeks and weeks before you could’ve asked me to come over again. And once you finally came to me again, I’d never let you go. Would’ve taught you how to take me inch by inch, would’ve made you lose it until you screamed my name, prude or not.” Puck licked up his neck and nibbled over his jawline. “You’d see me in the halls and get hard. You’d wake up in the middle of the night in your silky sheets with my name on your lips and wishing I was there. And finally, you’d call. And I’d sneak into your room and make you mine. Over, and over, and over again. It’d be our dirty little secret…” he chuckled softly.

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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


“No, I just think virgins don’t need much to be impressed since we have nothing to compare it to,” Kurt said, quirking an eyebrow right back. “If you do a horrible job with me, I wouldn’t even know. I just think it’s almost sweet that you want people to be left wanting more in the good way,” he finished with a shrug. As Puck explained, he licked his lips, a small smirk forming. “But you really want them to come back to you when those other people don’t live up to them, right?” He quirked his head to the side at the nick name and smiled, unable to stop himself even though his high school self would hate the comparison to a female princess who had a horrible voice actress in her Disney movie. But something about Puck saying it was sweet, and, well, he thought Ginnifer Goodwin was beautiful, so that helped. “Snow White? I approve. As long as we remember that I’m not a girl,” Kurt said, his eyes still watching Puck intently. “I guess I do want to know how to please my future Prince Charming, if you’ll really help…” Good thing his first time with Puck was pretty fucking perfect.

Kurt smirked as Puck moaned into his ear. Puck apparently couldn’t beg for Kurt to fuck him, but he could pretend like he was begging for himself? Figures. “Okay, I’ll try again,” Kurt said, clearing his throat and closing his eyes as if getting into character. Instead of trying to just be slightly better than he had been, he kept his eyes closed and let out a breathy moan, ready to pull in all of his talents as he rolled his hips against Puck’s leg. “Please, Puck, please, baby, I need you in me, I need nothing more than that, I want you to fill me up and make me want you in me. I need your cock in me, I want you to thrust into me so many times I can only call for your name, I want to forget my own damn name, make me come, come from your cock, I’ll do anything, I want to feel how big you are in me, I want to squeeze around you, I want you and only you filling me up as much as possible, please, please, please, need you, need to feel it tomorrow and the next day, need to feel it until I can find you again and get you in me anyway possible, need to feeling you coming in me, need you to use me, Puck, please, baby, daddy, Noah,please,” he cut himself off with a whine and then opened his eyes. “Better?”

He thought about it. On one hand, if he was redoing his virginity, the idea of being on top for his first time was a nice do-over, but, on the other hand, he always loved Puck over him and dominating him and it was a classic virginity-losing position. “No, no, no, this is fine, I was just making sure,” Kurt finally said with a nod. He spread his legs out farther and relaxed into the mattress.

As Puck thrust in, Kurt didn’t really know if he could act like the virginal Kurt Hummel anymore; all he wanted to do was beg for more, for faster, to push down against Puck’s hips, and scream. His hands grabbed his sheets, twisting them in his hand as he bit down on his lip to avoid yelling about how much he loved it. How did it feel when he first bottomed? It had stung, enough to make his eyes water a bit (which he always imagined a guy would kiss away, but Kyle never did, which would’ve been awkward anyways); it was a strange stretching feeling he couldn’t quite explain; the feeling of a cock inside him, even through the condom, was so much different and live than fingers or a toy; even before he found his prostate he enjoyed it because he always found the stretch and slight pain worth it. Now how did he play this?

He looked up at Puck through his eyelashes and admitted, “I think I like this. A lot…it’s good for you, too, right?” Kurt let one of his legs go around Puck’s waist, moaning quietly at the stretch. “So, Puckerman, are you going to take me like in those novels I read?”

Puck rolled his eyes. “It’s not that simple, if you don’t know how to do it, it hurts and it sucks. And even when you’re a virgin, you’re gonna be able to tell. Trust me, I know.” He ignored the comment about him being sweet. When he let out a little smirk, Puck bit his bottom lip and gave a half shrug. “Sometimes I do. Mostly when I’ve taught them all the things I love. Specially when they’re natural talents. Nobody want to let go someone who’s really good in bed. Once you start having sex, you’ll understand.” Puck chuckled with Kurt’s comment about the nickname. “Oh, I understand,” he said squeezing Kurt’s dick in his hand and grinning. “Very well. Believe me.”

Puck stared down at Kurt as he started moaning, and his smirk grew wider when Kurt rolled his hips against him. Puck let out a soft groan as Kurt spoke, making his dick grow harder and his skin get hotter. Once he was done, he shook his head and smiled. “I though we were on character, bro. That’s just cheating, that’s just mean,” he chuckled, but kissed Kurt softly on the lips before he begun kissing his neck again.

When Kurt gave him his approval, Puck nodded and positioned himself. He leaned over Kurt and kissed him as he pressed the head of his dick against his entrance. At first, Puck didn’t push in, kissing Kurt’s lips and cheeks and making him relax, waiting for him to take the first step. When Kurt jerked his hips forward unconsciously, Puck slid in in one long, fast thrust, until he was buried deep inside Kurt, and groaned softly as he felt the tightness around him.

He didn’t move for a few seconds until he felt Kurt getting anxious. Puck wanted to keep the game going, but he knew it was not gonna work anymore. He smirked with Kurt’s words. “Yeah, it’s perfect. You feel perfect,” he said, and kissed Kurt’s forehead. He chuckled with his last phrase. “Oh, you want me to take you?” Puck started moving, pulling out slowly, and then sliding in fast, making Kurt’s body jerk up with each thrust. “You like it like this? Or you want it… slower?” he said slowing down, pulling almost all the way out and pushing inside again in a painfully slow pace. “Or maybe it’s better if we go a bit faster?” Puck thrust hard back in and rolled his hips faster, his dick barely slipping out of Kurt before he was pushing in once more, gripping Kurt’s ass with a hand while the other one stayed right next to Kurt’s head. He locked eyes with Kurt and smiled as he let out a soft groan. “Shit, you’re so tight…”

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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


Kurt pursed his lips together, knowing he had been “caught”. “I…I think I’ll be good at it,” he said with the slightest of huffs before adding, much less haughtily, “I can take direction—” his words were cut off by a kiss he didn’t fight off.

“And then you’ll leave me wanting more. Or so I’ve been told,” Kurt agreed, knowing the stories the Cheerios told and how those old ladies he cleaned pools for loved to have him come over.

Kurt’s eyes immediately closed as Puck’s mouth went to his dick. He hadn’t had that for a few weeks, and Puck didn’t blow him nearly as much as Kurt blew him, and Kurt was fine with that, but damn did that feel good right then. He couldn’t even imagine how his virginal self would’ve reacted to it, but he fought off bucking into his mouth, knowing Puck wouldn’t handle (or enjoy) that as well as he did, and let out a high, shocked whine. It was a surprise to him that he got words out at all, and he regretted talking at all because Puck pulled away. He raised an eyebrow, “So it’s slightly more than just an easy lay to you?” His attitude was cut off again when Puck started stroking him, Kurt doing his best to act like his old self and to whimper even more than normal. the mention of his fist made him have to hold back a snarky reply about how he could have a lot of fun with a fist inside of him, but his lips still pressed together in a small smirk before he focused on begging. “Puck—ah, I want it,” he said, thrusting into Puck’s hand, “I want you, I want you to be the one in me, I love everything so far,please,this is my fantasy, please…I’m trying, please, Puck, don’t leave…” Hey, he figured he wouldn’t be a skilled beggar at this point; he couldn’t even get himself to say ‘cock’ back then. And it still would’ve taken a lot to make Kurt Hummel beg on any level, even that much begging.

The only major difference he could tell to how Puck would’ve acted if this was really his first time was the quick prep. He had a feeling Puck would’ve gone almost unbearably slow, slowly stretching him, licking him open, making him beg. But he was quite glad it wasn’t being teased; it was just nice to thrust against his fingers and softly mewl as Puck kissed him all over.

When he felt Puck’s cock again his leg, he licked his lips and nodded. “I’m ready. Just…careful,” he said, as vulnerable as possible. “Do I stay like this or do you want me to, um…on top? Or are there other ways? I don’t watch porn, so…?” He bit his lip and looked at Puck with wide eyes as he ground down against his dick, trying to be flirty in the old Kurt way with dashes of the new Kurt.

Puck smirked. “I think you’ll be good, too…” He kissed him again, but this time he let his tongue part Kurt’s lips and roll against his. “After I teach you,” He said when he pulled away.

He shrugged and grinned cockily, “What can I say? I can’t help it, I’m too good at this. It’s not my fault. They just keep coming back, and I can’t say no… How am I supposed to do that? You can’t deny people pleasure, that’s just mean.”

Puck quirked an eyebrow back at Kurt. “D’you really think virgins are an easy lay?” He rolled his eyes, but shook his head. “No, they’re not, and it’s not that easy anyway,” he kissed Kurt’s neck and bit softly as he kept stroking him. “When you take a V-card, you’re supposed to teach someone how to do sex right, so when they start fucking around with someone else, they show that other person they know how to do things right. They’re not unexperienced, they know what they’re doing. And they know how they like it, and they know how to please.” He grinned widely and kissed Kurt’s cheek. “If you ever find your Prince Charming, don’t you want your first night with him to be perfect, Snow White? ‘Cause I can teach you how to do that…”

When he saw Kurt’s little smirk, Puck quirked an eyebrow, but then smirked, too, knowing what he was thinking about. He rolled his eyes with Kurt’s pleas and shook his head. “See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. If your Prince Charming is a kinky bastard like I am, he’s not gonna settle for just that. He would want to hear you moan, and act like his cock is your most desired thing in the world. There’s nothing you want more than that cock, Hummel. You want it inside you, and against you, You want to kiss it, lick it, suck it, you want that cock so bad you will die if you don’t get it.” Puck kept stroking Kurt, a little bit faster now and kissed his jawline. “Please, Puck, please…” he whispered huskily into Kurt’s ear, “I want you to fuck me, I need you to fuck me… I want you so bad… I want your big, hard cock inside me, Puck, I need it so much… I want to ride you all night long, and then I want you to fuck me even more. I want you to come inside me, want to feel you in every way. I want to feel sore and know it’s because of you, and how good you made me feel. Please, Puck, please… fuck me." He grinned and let his nails scratch Kurt’s side, and held him close.

Puck smiled and cupped Kurt’s cheek sweetly. Maybe a few years ago he wouldn’t have done that, but he couldn’t stop himself. “I’ll take care of you, baby. No worries.” And then he positioned between Kurt’s legs, and when he was about to press the tip of his dick against Kurt’s entrance, he spoke again. “Wha?” he asked in a low, soft growl looking up at him anxiously. “Oh, no. I mean, I don’t… How do you want it? ‘Cause like this it’s supposed to hurt less, but when you’re on top you can, like… control the rhythm, so I won’t hurt you. And if you want to try, like… something new, you could always wait for round 2. Or 3, I don’t mind.” Puck shrugged and licked his lips, his eyes went down to Kurt’s open entrance, and the head of his dick so close to it. “But you should, like… think fast,” he said pressing the tip against Kurt’s hole and pushing slightly, just to pull back again. “‘Cause I really, really, really need to get inside you. Like, yesterday.”

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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


It was kind of scarily accurate how Puck really did know his fantasies better than he did. Except for spanking and a bit of dirty talk and rimming, Kurt never tried most of what he did with Puck with anyone else. He never expected to like any of it, especially not being so submissive, but something about letting complete control to someone else unlike how he led his life was hot to him. Especially since it was Puck he was giving control to. “Freakin’ psychic,” he muttered, one leg locking around Puck’s waist.

“Oh, I am,” Kurt countered, imagining his virginal self insisting he was good enough but willing to take all the direction Puck gave. He knew so little all those years ago. Kurt whimpered as Puck started slowly, teasingly taking off his shirt, lightly brushing against his skin and his lips barely making contact to his skin but still making his skin tingle and his heart speed up. It really wasn’t much work playing the desperate virgin when Puck was playing with him like that. And while his nipples weren’t as sensitive as most other guys he knew, Puck’s attention to one made him jerk slightly in pleasure, ready to move onto more things.

Kurt licked his lips and nodded at the question, already losing himself to the role. “That’s what they say,” Kurt said, his voice high and breathy, almost a pant, “But I don’t have anyone to compare you to, either.”

He blushed ever so slightly at Puck’s attention to his cock, the current aged Kurt not used to guys staring at it at all, his reaction fitting in perfectly for the little game. His mind was still shaken from the lick over his dick, so it took him a second to realize he had been asked a question, his mind trying to form words as Puck stroked him. His eyes went to the clock then back to Puck. “Half an hour to an hour,” he replied at first, the time depending on whether or not Carole grabbed a dinner to bring home or if she decided to make it once she got there. He just knew Puck better not run away or try to run this time around.

In a husky, soft voice, Kurt said, “I thought you were here to add my V Card to your collection; wouldn’t going ‘straight to action’ be a better V Card to collect?” He added in the needed virginity losing line of, “You’ll be gentle, right?”

“…The only lube I have is in the box over there,” Kurt said quickly in a semi out of character moment, nodding over to the box of Puck’s stuff that he put the strawberry lube in. He hadn’t planned on sleeping with anyone while he was visiting home, so he hadn’t brought any back.

And Kurt turned the picture of his family down. His mom couldn’t see what he was doing but he didn’t want a picture of her and his dad facing him and his boyfriend having sex.

Puck chuckled, “Yeah, you love it…” he murmured winking at Kurt.

He licked his lips and smirked, quirking an eyebrow. “Oh, you are?” he said mockingly, “You’re a virgin, Hummel, where did you learn your tricks if not in bed? Watching porn? Reading erotic poetry?” He snorted. “Please. Just leave it all to me,” and pecked his lips to shut him up.

Making himself believe he was with a sweet, unexperienced Kurt Hummel was a huge turn on for him. If he had realized how hot Kurt was back when he was sixteen, he wouldn’t have stopped until he had had him like he had him now, sprawled underneath him and whimpering like a cat in heat. “You don’t need anyone to compare me with. It’s not like you’re gonna wanna sleep with anyone else but me after tonight,” he shrugged cockily.

Puck only removed his eyes from Kurt’s dick when he spoke again, and grinned. “Let’s hope it’s an hour, ‘cause I wanna enjoy this.” He begun kissing the tip again, then licking slowly, first the head, then down the side and up again before taking Kurt in his mouth as far as he could. He wasn’t a pro like Kurt in that, but he was good. He only pulled away after a moment when Kurt spoke again, and quirked an eyebrow amused. “Dude, are you for real? Man, taking a V-card is not a sport. It’s an art,” he grinned widely and licked up Kurt’s chest until he was face to face with him. “If it’s not perfect, then it’s not worth it,” he said, and licked Kurt’s lips, parting them and letting his tongue run against his. “It’s about how much you enjoy it, and how much you want it…” He wrapped his hand around Kurt’s cock again and moved it up and down, his fist sliding easily now that it was wet with his spit. “Tell me how much you want it, Hummel, before I get dressed and leave you here with your fantasies and your own fist.”

He smiled with Kurt’s question. It was sweet, and made him wish this was the real thing. He wished he had been Kurt’s first, and last, and do whatever it took to make Kurt happy. “I’ll do it just like in your dreams, honey.”

Kurt’s sudden words made him chuckle, but he kissed his neck and nodded before he stood up to get the lube out of the box. He smiled when he uncapped it  and smelled the strawberry scent. He walked back to the bed and sat on his heels between Kurt’s legs, taking him in his mouth as he poured lube on his fingers and warmed it up. He bobbed his head a few times before pressing the first finger inside Kurt. He wasn’t as tight, since just a few hours before they had been doing the nasty at his place, so he let a second finger join in the second thrust. he kept sucking Kurt off as he let his fingers slide in and out again, barely brushing against his prostate and trying to get the best noises out of Kurt’s lips. He slid a third finger and sucked the head of Kurt’s cock hard, and, as he moved his fingers around, he pulled away and kissed Kurt’s hipbone. “Are you ready?” he asked, his voice hoarse, but soft, and pressed his fingers against Kurt’s prostate to emphasize his words. “‘Cause I sure as hell am,” he said as he undid the buttons of his jeans and let his dick press hot and heavy against the back of Kurt’s thighs.

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Baby Come Back || Puckurt


Kurt legitimately laughed out loud at the image of Puck in the Prom Queen crown. “I should’ve known you’d go after my crown; everyone always follows the trends I set. You’d probably immediately take it as a sign of your badassadry.” Kurt moved his brows in a Puck-esque fashion and did his best low, manly voice, “I’m such a badass I could be elected Prom Queen and make it cool.”

After he made his choice, Kurt felt Puck smile against his lips and felt his lips slowly twitch up as well. If Puck was happy and smiley, he had made the right decision, at least for the moment.

Kurt just grinned at Puck’s words, letting him lead them both into another kiss. That was the Puck he knew and loved, and that had to mean something was right. As the hand he had on Puck’s back continued to rub gently over his flesh, he felt goosebumps rise on Puck’s skin and a small thrill ran through him at the idea that he was doing that to Puck. He was making Puck happy and effecting his body in an area that wasn’t his cock. The idea that he was helping him in some way was a relief.

Kurt bit his lip as Puck guessed exactly what he was thinking. He was easily imagining a virginal version of himself as hard as he was right now, wanting release so bad but afraid to lose control like that in front of another person, trying to hump against Puck’s leg for something since he was too afraid to admit what he wanted. For the first time he could remember, Kurt didn’t take the bait of a Sound of Music reference and just licked over his lips as small gasps of want left his mouth at each action. “How did you know that?”

With a small shift in his eyes, Kurt went into the character of his old high school self. “I’m breaking every rule I have about having boys over with you right now, Puckerman,” Kurt said, keeping his voice as haughty as possible even as his hips moved desperately against Puck’s. “So…you need to make it worth my while,” he finished, trying to add an air of uncertainty that he imagined his younger self would have asking for something like that, but a lot of excitement entered his voice. Ever since he’d been home, his parents were trying to make him obey by their rules again and he had to call to tell them if he was coming home late and what he was doing; he wasn’t in that mindset of rules at all, but it still felt deliciously naughty to be breaking one of the biggest implied rules he had.

"I would’ve done it!" Puck said with a grin, "And the year after that, every guy would try to get the crown, too, ‘cause every guy in that shitty place wanted to be me, and you know it!"

He loved how easily Kurt took him in, how he just let himself go and followed Puck’s demands. He knew later he would need to talk again, but later was not now and that was what mattered. Kurt’s hands burned over his skin, leaving him searching for more, wanting everything Kurt could give him, or everything he could squeeze out of him.

Kurt didn’t say a word, but Puck knew he had him where he wanted him. Yes, Puck always knew just the right things to tell Kurt and drive him to the edge. He could see the shape of his hard dick right under the fabric of his ridiculously tight jeans and let his imagination fly, too, picturing a young, sweet, unexperienced Kurt, dying to get some, but being too afraid to ask for it. It only made Puck want to keep on going, make Kurt beg for it before giving in. He smirked with Kurt’s question, “‘Cause I know you and your fantasies. Hell, I know more about your own fantasies than you do, babe.”

Puck snorted with Kurt’s words and quirked an eyebrow. “I still don’t know if you are worth my while, Hummel, so lets not even go there,” he said, but his hips kept rolling. He let a hand run down Kurt’s arm and towards his shoulder, and undid the buttons of his shirt one by one, trying to go as slow as he could. Every inch of skin revealed made him want to rush it, to get Kurt naked and get it over with, but he stopped himself. The tip of his fingers was barely brushing over Kurt’s chest, and when he leaned over to kiss Kurt’s jawline he made sure his lips caressed his skin as softly as he could. From then, every kiss he left down Kurt’s torso was the same: almost there, but not; chaste, but naughty. Only over one of Kurt’s nipples Puck let himself lick over it, bite the nub, feel it getting hard between his teeth.

"You nervous?" he asked as he got closer to the waistband of Kurt’s jeans, "Don’t be." His hand run down Kurt’s chest to unbutton his jeans as he locked eyes with him and smirked. "Trust me. I know what I’m doing."

Pretending Kurt was a virginal teenager wasn’t hard, even when he knew Kurt was far from that. But how he breathed, and the way his body moved under Puck’s, and the flush on his cheeks, and how his hips rolled up involuntarily… It felt real. Puck pulled away a bit to pull Kurt’s pants down his ass, releasing his erection and watching it stand tall and proud. “Nice,” he smirked before he started kissing Kurt’s pelvis and inner thighs. He barely kissed the tip of his dick before chuckling again, tasting precome as soon as he licked his lips. “Want me to suck you off, Hummel? Or you wanna go right to the action?” A hand wrapped around the base of Kurt’s shaft and he squeezed softly as he pumped slowly. “How much time do we have before I have to sneak out the window?”

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